If you paint or maybe you collect paintings or simply buy them now and then when you see something you like or just like looking . . . thats wonderful and I’m hoping you’ll find this glimpse into an artist’s studio enriching and enjoyable? 

For me, being able to make a painting that looks as I see is an almost unexplainable wonder.

It seems beyond possible often, but with the things I have learnt I know I can – whatever it takes.

Let me know what painting means to you – if you do paint but also if you don’t, it would be so interesting to hear.


This is how it is and why


To see the world – this is the journey made with a passion for drawing and painting .   Studying in Florence I learnt there are simply shapes, values and colours used to compose truthfulness, or accuracy as it can be called.  By learning how to handle these elements, step by step, momentary inspiration for things, faces and places can evolve into paintings that stay still, that last and become beautiful.


For You

Our question changes from   . . .  do I like it?


By concentrating on the Shapes, Values, Colours and this truthfulness –  and everything we want to express will happen.


Small Porcelain Basket

oil on linen in bespoke Florentine Frame