In the Studio




Do you ever wonder what to paint?


Wonder “where is this mythical Muse?”


I am going to write about this – I just need a little inspiration to begin – or is it plain getting on with it?



If there is little more to this – well I’m just getting on with it in the background. Wondering what you will find interesting – and what to share . . .


do keep checking in !

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  • Shelley McCarl

    You bring back memories, Marilyn! Personally, I didn’t care for the coloring books—the paint-with-water ones were intriguing, but I wanted my own colors—but I particularly disliked all the paint by number pictures my dear aunts sent me every year for my birthday! (Tried just painting with the tiny pots of paint when my mom was out once, and the paint wouldn’t come off the brush in water!! Eeeek! So I buried the plastic glass and gummy brush in the back yard)
    Love the blog, tho; it looks & reads really well. If I were closer to Surrey, I’d certainly come to your open studio—good luck with it! 🙂

    • MarilynBailey

      Shelley, how nice to hear from you. I sort of agree about the colours in those printed dot books but its a bit like seeing one’s work on the computer screen – the colours were just so very vivid. I think maybe my paint box was always a bit compromised. Why did the yellow always have traces of blue and green? Well I know it was me – but that was ‘yesterday’. Loved you recollection of burying the evidence of your disasters.

      What I was trying to get at – and I hope, leave space for personal reflections – is the experiences then were just as important as they are now. Wish you could drop by too. Best wishes

  • Pejmann AMIRI

    Excellent post Marylin. Thanks for recommending me. I hope I will be up to the task. But my goal is certainly to allow artists at home to have guidance on Bargue and cast drawing if they want to make progress on their own. Also, I have to say, what a beautiful model drawing. And what a progression between the first one in 2004 and this one.
    Too bad I don’t live in Surrey. I would certainly would have come.

    • MarilynBailey

      Hi Pejmann,

      thank you and I’m sure you can help people with your understanding and articulacy.

      I put both 2004 and 2012 paintings in because there is development without a doubt. But underlying is the same vision. I actually love my first one – which is of course still at a very early graphic/ flat stage. The later one has hugely greater ‘vocabulary’.

      Bon chance

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